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Kanye or Nietzsche?


Last week there was a Twitter conversation about Kanye, greatness, authenticity, genius, talent, gimmicks, hubris and excellence. Nietzsche came up (re: the Übermensch) and today I stumbled on this quote where Friedrich himself is describing his own work:

With [this book] I have given mankind the greatest present that has ever been made to it so far. This book, with a voice bridging centuries, is not only the highest book there is, the book that is truly characterized by the air of the heights—the whole fact of man lies beneath it at a tremendous distance—it is also the deepest, born out of the innermost wealth of truth, an inexhaustible well to which no pail descends without coming up again filled with gold and goodness.

Replace “book” with “album” and the resemblance uncanny. Kanye is not the first of his kind but they are rare. I’m sure, like Kanye, Nietzsche had his fair share of critics and detractors. Those people have faded with time; the work remains.

Cav this oke

Sometimes you stand alone, thats just the way it is.

Whenever I am in a situation, certain state of affairs, I like to deliberately push into the opposite side, change things 180 degrees…I see the things I took for granted and cherish them more. I get over the things I looked n lusted after. I get a more balanced perspective of things. Sometimes I learn life changing things, most times I find that nothing really matters and the package is not the product and perhaps u just eek out some form of happiness n be content with that